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Student Conservation Association Japanese Translator Internship


The intern position is located in the Environmental Planning Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Work primarily consists of performing Japanese to English translations, and to a lesser degree, general clerical/administrative assignments to edit and produce reports with the Cultural Resources Branch.


Intern shall assist the Historical Architect in translating Japanese text to English (75%)

The following (25%) may also apply:

a. Accurately enter newly collected data into database spreadsheets.

b. Uses the office automation system to prepare written cultural resources reports. Edits, reformats, revises, and combines electronic drafts to accomplish tasking into final form.

c. Uses graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop to produce electronic graphics, charts, and graphs for written reports and/or PowerPoint presentations.


a. Applicant is required to be able to read Kanji along with the modern Japanese writing system such as hiragana and katakana to ultimately translate Japanese text book material into English. Content of book to be translated is on the history of Japan (Meiji era), development of the area and types of buildings constructed. Translation of portions of this Japanese textbook will be referenced and included into an english report. Translator should be proficient in writing in English for readers up to a high school reading level.

b. Knowledge to perform the full range of standard administrative and clerical assignments and to resolve recurring problems.

c. Skill and knowledge to operate a computer as well as knowledge in the application of various computer software (Microsoft Office) products.

d. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

Benefits: Living Allowance, Americorps Education Award (funds to be used towards federal student debt in amount of $2500)

Dates: November 4- Jan 26, 2014

To apply: email resume to with subject title Japanese Translator


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