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The Kōke‘e Resource Conservation Program (KRCP) is a volunteer based invasive weed control program sponsored by the nonprofit Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development, Inc., in collaboration with the Hawai’i Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR). KRCP involves the public in protecting native ecosystem resources, coordinating volunteers to conduct essential invasive noxious weed removal in selected areas.

The Koke‘e Resource Conservation Program does primarily alien species control work in the forests of Kaua‘i. This involves strenuous hiking and the use of herbicides. The program provides a framework for volunteers to be involved in preserving the spectacular natural resources of the area.

Rustic housing in Koke‘e is available for accepted applicants. The Koke‘e CCC Camp housing is provided by Hui o Laka/Koke‘e Museum. This program is for those who are interested in forest ecology and forest conservation.

Volunteers must have their own health insurance to stay here, we do not cover any accidents or illnesses. We can provide transportation from the airport and we can help you to get supplies when needed. A vehicle for recreational use is not provided. We must also strictly enforce a policy of no alcoholic beverages for those under 21 years of age during any part of your stay on Kauai. By Hawaii State Law alcohol and drugs are prohibited within the State Parks and Forest Reserves.

The CCC Camp, where housing is provided, is very nice historic facility set in the forests of Koke’e. There is a communal kitchen equipped with pots, stoves, and refrigerator. It is a beautiful place to stay for a quiet forest experience. Our workdays are often filled with camaraderie amongst ourselves, resident volunteers, and local volunteers. We try to mix up the week so that we work in a variety of areas within the Park or forest reserves and learn more about the different ecological areas of the park.

We tell all the potential volunteers that it can sometimes get very lonely here and you must have some emotional self-sufficiency to enjoy it. Staff does not live at the camp and sometimes there are no other volunteers staying here.

We work 4 days each week working 10 hours each day and have 3 days off. Generally we work Monday through Thursday. In exchange for your work you are given 7 nights of accommodations per work week.


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