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RESEARCH ASSISTANTS (3) needed for demographic studies of Kiwikiu (Maui Parrotbill), a critically endangered honeycreeper, on Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii. Three positions are available for a period of 20 weeks, approximately February 10th – June 27th, 2014. We will be conducting demographic studies at the edge of the parrotbill range to better understand population dynamics and management options. We will also be performing experimental forest restoration trial monitoring at a different field site. This is a field based research position but assistants will be responsible for both field and office duties.

Primary field duties will be: (1) Locating and monitoring Kiwikiu and documenting reproductive behavior and re-sighting color-banded individuals; (2) Mapping the population across the study site; (3) Collecting field data on nests and nest sites; (4) Collecting field data from other Hawaiian honeycreepers including Maui Alauahio, Akohekohe and Iiwi (5) Collecting vegetation data on forest regeneration plots (6) Installing and mapping trails across study areas (7) Setting up and maintaining alien predator control grids of rodenticide bait stations and mechanical traps for predator abundance surveys; (8) Assisting with mist-netting and banding of Kiwikiu and other forest birds; (9) Assisting staff with other ongoing projects

Office duties include, but are not limited to office, vehicle and grounds maintenance, data entry, report writing, and preparation and maintenance of field equipment.

Field duties are extremely physically challenging. Remote research sites require working and living in small teams in extremely wet (annual rainfall up to 400 inches), cold, muddy and steep rainforest conditions at high elevations. Teams will be camping for much of the season. Work schedule will include 5-8 day field trips with alternating days in the office and off work. Helicopters may be used to access restoration site. Basic aviation safety training will be available.

This is a position through the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit and the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii. Benefits include: ~$1300 a month + housing, most field equipment, and limited transportation on Maui. Applicants must provide their own airfare to Kahului, Maui.

To apply: Go to and submit an online application, with a cover letter, resume, and references with current email and phone contact information. We will need to be able to contact a minimum of 3 previous employers by phone during the hiring process. Please feel free to submit additional relevant references if necessary. Applicants must submit the online application to be considered for this position. Deadline for application is October 11th, 2013.

If you have additional questions please contact or try the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project office at 808-573-0280 HST.

Qualifications: Preference will be given to applicants with experience with passerine research, re-sighting color-banded individuals, working and camping in remote locations and working independently. Assistants must be able to work and live in small teams in remote field camps in extremely physically demanding conditions, work independently and responsibly, have a good work ethic, and take personal initiative. Assistants must have a valid driver’s license.

Desirable qualifications include a B.S. in ecology, biology, ornithology, botany or similar field; research with endangered birds; research with forest passerines; re-sighting of color banded passerines; mist-netting and banding; small mammal trapping; wilderness first aid certification; vegetation monitoring experience.


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