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The Botanical Coordinator is an advocate for the native biota of the valley, with a strong focus on the botanical components of Limahuli Preserve. The BC assesses the conservation status of threatened plant taxa in Limahuli Preserve, and makes recommendations to the Director about approaches to restoring the health and resilience of their populations. The BC also leads the implementation of plant-based projects in Limahuli Preserve that are scheduled by the Preserve Operation Manager, and that are in accordance with the (forthcoming) long-term Limahuli Vision Plan. Such projects include but are not limited to In Situ restoration, Ex Situ conservation, incipient invasive control, and plant collection (both propagation materials and herbarium specimens). The BC works closely with the Science and Conservation Department, and the Horticulture and Living Collections Department to assure field work is completed according to institutional standards and regulatory guidelines.


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