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SSRI WATERSHED FIELD ASSISTANT– ID# 19389.Social Science Research Institute. Regular, Full-Time, RCUH Non-Civil Service position with the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), assigned to State of Hawai‘i, Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW), located on Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i. Continuation of employment is dependent upon program/operational needs, satisfactory work performance, availability of funds, and compliance with applicable Federal/State laws.

MONTHLY SALARY RANGE:$2,509-$3,000/Mon. 

DUTIES: Assists with management and monitoring of watershed forest areas on Moloka‘i. Constructs, repairs, and maintains eight (8)-foot high fences to exclude invasive ungulates using hand and power tools, including chainsaws. Inspects, mends, and maintains fences. Evaluates the need to enhance fences to prevent feral ungulate entrance into the protected area and reports to supervisor. Accesses work sites by hiking, driving a 4-wheel vehicle, or helicopter. Controls invasive plants using mechanical and chemical means. Prepares and dispenses herbicides following label and DLNR/DOFAW protocols. Monitors invasive ungulate and plant presence via ground and air. Surveys animal presence and results of control efforts along designated transects and documents findings. Logs global positioning system (GPS) coordinates and creates basic maps using geographic information system (GIS) software. Operates a GPS device to navigate the field. Performs regular simple maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of tools, equipment, and vehicles. Tracks supplies and equipment inventories. Participates in frequent camping trips lasting several days at a time. Assists with removal of feral goats, pigs, and deer in accordance with plans/methods approved by DOFAW, the University of Hawai‘i’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and the project. Loads, unloads, aims, and fires handguns, shotguns, rifles and other RCUH-authorized firearms from a variety of body positions in authorized project-related research or wildlife control programs. 


EXPERIENCE:At least one (1) year of experience performing work related to research (e.g., feral animal and alien plant control) or agriculture with a land management agency or company. 

ABIL/KNOW/SKILLS:General knowledge of native Hawaiian flora and fauna, and threats from alien species. Ability to communicate well orally and in writing, and to comprehend complex verbal and written instructions. Ability to operate power tools including chainsaws, weed eaters, generators, chipper, etc. Must possess a valid driver’s license (and if use of personal vehicle on the job is required, must also have valid personal driver’s insurance equivalent to Hawai‘i’s No-Fault Driver’s Insurance) and maintain throughout the duration of employment. Must be able to drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle with manual transmission. Post Offer/Employment Condition: Must possess the American Red Cross Certification in First Aid/CPR or be able to obtain and maintain the certificate prior to use of firearms on the job (whichever comes first) and maintain certification throughout duration of employment.Must be able to pass stateand federalcriminal history/record background check upon change in job duties requiring use of firearms (approximately twelve (12) months after hire) and annually, which legally enables possession and use of firearms and ammunition throughout duration of employment. Must obtain and maintain National Rifle Association or National Park Service firearms training (or other comparable training) and State of Hawai‘i/DLNR Hunter Education Training Program firearms certification. As a condition of employment, all certifications must be obtained and maintained as specified by the certifying agency or as required by stateand federallaws. Failure to pass the firearms qualification requirements may be grounds for disqualification of part or all of the job duties. Must be able to complete chainsaw training within twelve (12) months from date of hire and maintain throughout duration of employment. Must be able to complete pesticide safety course within twelve (12) months from date of hire. Must complete the online Hazard Communication training immediately after hire or no later than employee’s initial exposure to hazardous chemicals. Must be able to complete basic helicopter safety course within twelve (12) months from date of hire. Must be able to complete rappelling training within twelve (12) months from date of hire. All trainings/certifications must be obtained and maintained as specified by DOFAW.

PHYSICAL/MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to hike to and camp in remote areas and rugged terrain under inclement weather conditions. Ability to perform fieldwork involving elevation changes up to 4,500 feet in a day. Ability to backpack, lift, and carry up to 50 pounds unassisted. Must not be afraid of heights due to the need to fly in helicopters, hike across steep terrain, rappel, and work near vertical exposures. 

POLICY AND/OR REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS:As a condition of employment, employee will be subject to all applicable RCUH policies and procedures and, as applicable, subject to University of Hawai‘i's and/or business entity's policies and procedures. Violation of RCUH's, UH's, or business entity's policies and/or procedures or applicable State or Federal laws and/or regulations may lead to disciplinary action (including, but not limited to possible termination of employment, personal fines, civil and/or criminal penalties, etc.). 

SECONDARY QUALIFICATIONS: Associate’s Degree from an accredited community college in Natural Sciences.Experience conducting fieldwork with emphasis on feral animal and alien plant control with a land management agency. Previous fence building or construction experience. Familiarity with computers and data entry. Experience with use of herbicides to control weedy vegetation in a forest environment.  Prior experience using firearms in a hunting situation. 

INQUIRIES: Charissa Minato 277-4710 (Oahu).APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:Please go to www.rcuh.comand click on “Job Postings.” You must submit the following documents online to be considered for the position: 1) Cover Letter, 2) Resume, 3) Supervisory References, 4) Copy of Degree(s)/Transcript(s)/Certificate(s). All online applications must be submitted/received by the closing date (11:59 P.M. Hawai‘i Standard Time/RCUH receipt time) as stated on the job posting. If you do not have access to our system and the closing date is imminent, you may send additional documents to If you have questions on the application process and/or need assistance, please call (808)956-8344 or (808)956-0872. CLOSING DATE: August 10, 2019.

RCUH’s mission is to support and enhance research, development and training in Hawai‘i, with a focus on the University ofHawai‘i

Equal Opportunities Employer – Minorities/Women/Disability/Veteran.


  • Posted On

    August 8, 2019
  • Closing Date

    January 1, 1970
  • Organization

  • Location

    Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW)
  • Position Type

    Full Time
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