Become part of Hawaii’s conservation story

The USDA Forest Service plans to advertise three openings for Biological Science Technicians (GS-0404-03/4/5/6) located in Hilo and Volcano, Hawaii. The positions will be for limited terms of at least 13 months, potentially renewable but not to exceed 4 years. Vacancy announcements will be posted and applications accepted sometime after June 2014 at USAJobs.Gov.

The technicians will be members of a collaborative research team based at the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry (Pacific Southwest Research Station), supporting our mission to evaluate invasive plants and their natural enemies for biocontrol in forests of Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. Work projects include: assisting with release and monitoring of biocontrol agents in rainforests on the island of Hawaii; monitoring impacts of biocontrol on invasive plants and associated natural communities; maintaining insect colonies in quarantine; testing host specificity of prospective biocontrol agents; performing routine maintenance and minor repairs to equipment such as insect cages, irrigation systems and shade houses; collecting and propagating native and introduced plants.

Work is performed in field, greenhouse, laboratory and office environments. The work requires regular and recurring physical exertion and requires walking and carrying equipment on rough terrain in rainforest environments that are often muddy, rocky, and covered with thick vegetation, and where there is exposure to extremes of weather and temperature. Employees are required to adhere to safety protocols, including appropriate use of protective clothing and equipment.


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