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Hawaii – Na Ala Hele Trails and Access Forester

This full time position is located in the administrative office in downtown Honolulu and manages the Outdoor Recreation Section of the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife through the Na Ala Hele (NAH) Trails and Access Program.  The objectives of the program include:  (1)  Provide managed opportunities and facilities for the  public to engage in multiple-use outdoor recreation activities (hiking, biking, equestrian riding, off-highway vehicle use, hunting, and camping) and to providing access for multiple resource management activities; (2) Inventory, protect and restore specific historic trails and non-vehicular old government roads for public use where it is culturally appropriate; (3) Coordinate in maintaining and enhancing a public hunting program to provide a source of food and outdoor recreation for the public and as a means to control introduced game animals in watershed areas; (4) Manage and monitor use and subsequent billing and compliance of authorized commercial trail tour operators statewide; and (5) Develop and manage a process for statewide warning signs for unimproved public lands.

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