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WWF Marine Ecology Intern Job Description: World Wildlife Fund US (WWF) is seeking an intern with a background in marine science to work with an interdisciplinary team to provide support for ongoing and future work on MPAs in Indonesia. There are two main projects that the intern will be involved with: (1) Evaluating the ecological impacts of existing MPAs Marine protected areas (MPAs) are an integral component of local, national, and international strategies for biodiversity conservation, but their impacts are widely debated. To inform this debate and catalyze adaptive management, WWF and its partners have implemented an interdisciplinary approach to MPA monitoring and impact evaluation in Indonesia. Our monitoring efforts build upon established MPA monitoring protocols and allow us to explore the contribution of MPAs to biodiversity and habitat conservation as well as to ecosystem services, fisheries, and other human uses of marine environments. (2) Providing science support to design MPAs for sustainable fisheries Frequently a goal of MPAs is to support fisheries production as well as protecting marine biodiversity. WWF intends to support the design of new MPAs and evaluation of existing MPAs to address the synergies and tradeoffs between conservation and fisheries management in Indonesia. To carry this out successfully requires bringing together the best available data on the ecological, biophysical, and social conditions in the region.

Major Duties & Responsibilities: In collaboration with the MPA team, the intern will: 1. Assist in synthesis, quality control and management of existing ecological monitoring data to establish baseline conditions and evaluate short term ecological impacts of MPAs in Indonesia. 2. Assist in developing a scientific approach/concept to design MPAs for fisheries in Indonesia. 3. Perform other duties including literature reviews for scientific articles; communication of results for different audiences (local stakeholders, scientific, etc.).

Requirements 1. Masters (or equivalent) in ecological, interdisciplinary, or marine science. Experience in conservation or related field preferred. 2. Strong data management and statistical skills, with demonstrated experience handling large datasets. Experience with R, Microsoft Access, and GIS strongly preferred. 3. Ability to work both independently and in a team. 4. Excellent writing skills 5. Must be willing to travel to Indonesia (if necessary). International experience strongly preferred.


For more information about Conservation Connections Job Manager and this opportunity please visit our website at , contact us at or via email at Helen.Fox@WWFUS.ORG.

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