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Project & Outreach Internship


Steward Title: POI Interns

Duration: August 15, 2013 to December 31, 2014

Pay Rate: $7.50 hour 35-40 hours a week

Work Location: Malama Maunalua Office (Hawaii Kai)

I. Summary of Position

The POI (Project & Outreach Intern) will support the Mālama Maunalua staff in running its 3 conservation Pulama Wai,(Land based) Huki, (Invasive alage removal) and Ho’onui Ia (Marine Resources) programs. The POI interns will work alongside Project and Marine resource managers, scientists and community leaders and volunteers actively participating in conservation efforts focused on Maunalua Bay in East Oahu. The Project and Outreach Intern (POI) will be engaged in a variety of activities with students and the general community of East Honolulu in line with the mission of Mālama Maunalua (MM) – to conserve and restore a healthy and productive Maunalua Bay through community kūleana. Activities could include conducting community invasive algae pulls, building storm water catchment systems, creating outreach materials, training volunteers and environmental service projects in East Honolulu and upland watershed areas.

The internship will run from August 19, 2013 till December 31 2014. A typical work week will be Monday through Friday from 9:00amto 5:00pm with a one hour lunch break. The majority of work will be completed in an office setting but there will be the opportunity for several community lead field work activities with partner organizations to gain field experience.

II. Essential Intern Functions

The Project & Outreach Intern will assist in:

• Conducting community outreach and educational projects with students and community volunteers in area homes, schools and businesses.

• Supporting teachers and students in MM's invasive algae pull (huki) projects

• Organizing tools and supplies used by MM

• Preparing display and exhibit and marketing materials for use at outreach events

• Inputting volunteer information into database systems

• Volunteer recruitment, training and coordination for existing and new activities.

• Maintaining program grant activities, outcomes and measurables

• Recruit, train and support volunteer leaders through community

• Plan, coordinate, and staff special events, workshops, and professional seminars; speak

to Community and other groups.

* Design new water conservation programs

• Attend Quarterly board meeting, prepare and submit monthly updates on projects

• Perform tasks assigned by ED or other Project Leaders to help complete or facilitate projects as well as assist with fund development, grant writing and event coordination work in the office that needs to be completed.

• Along with changing daily tasks, interns will be required to keep a journal of what they do each week, including pictures and quotes, which will be compiled at the end of the eighteen month program to serve as an example of what they learned, experienced, and found interesting throughout the program.

• Building and managing project database in a variety of software programs. (excel, ArcGIS).

• Monitoring biological and human use indicators, training volunteers in monitoring and data collection.

• Providing feedback on and contributing to the growth of the POI internship program development.

III. Payment

POI Interns will be temporary hires for Malama Maunalua. They will be working with Altres Malama Maunalua Human Resources service provider. Malama Maunalua pays bi-weekly.

IV. Conduct

It is important at Malama Manuala to maintain a professional work atmosphere that resonates as well in our work with the community. We assume that generally speaking our interns will know the conduct that is expected of them. Malama Maunalua does expect our interns to be productive as the internship aims to prepare them for work in the field where getting things done, prioritizing, staying organized and well communicated with staff are all imperative.

V. Notes

While much of your work will be delegated, we still want to encourage you to bring forth your ideas, energy, and innovation to help us accomplish our goals, and perhaps in ways that we haven’t explored. Please don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and input, for as a member of Malama Maunalua, you are also a member of our family.

VI. Basic Qualifications of Applicants

1. Must be either a recent graduate or undergraduate college

degree program in environmental studies, natural resource management, ecology,

biology, geography or other related field, or in general liberal arts with a demonstrated

interest in natural resource fields.

2. Must be able to demonstrate a commitment to conservation via efforts such as volunteer opportunities, school clubs, part-time jobs or weekend activities.

3. Must be adaptable to work in both an office setting as well as outdoors during field trips.

4. Must be able to work collaboratively with others and be open to sharing ideas and asking questions.

5. Must have the ability to operate basic computer programs (Microsoft Office, etc...)

6. Must have the ability to use time management skills to complete multiple tasks on time.

7. Must have experience in Hawai‘i geographies and general knowledge of Hawaiian


VII. To Apply -Application Process

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and résumé to Rae DeCoito Executive Director at by 5:00 pm on Friday, August 1, 2013.

Your cover letter (not to exceed two pages)

must address the following:

1. State your current education level and how you meet the 7 basic qualifications listed above.

2. Tell us about a previous internship or job or team you were on and what role did you play as part of that team or group of colleagues? What did you enjoy about being a member of that team or group?

3. How do you think this internship will help or benefit you? How will you use it to benefit the world around you?


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