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Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project is a research and management organization dedicated to the recovery of Maui's native forest birds. Help Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project raise $6,000 for this year's Visitor Industry Charity Walk (

This event is a fun way to raise money for local charities including Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project. The event takes place on Saturday, May 9th at the War Memorial Soccer Field in Kahului, Maui. The event is a walk that starts at 7 am and includes 11 stations along the 5K route. Stations along the route are entertaining and supplied with refreshments. At the end of the walk, walkers will be treated to great food & beverages, a keiki tent, health screenings, amazing entertainment, and door prizes (including a round trip ticket to Las Vegas!).

You can help by either donating to Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project’s Charity Walk Fund or by being a Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project walker. Walkers help raise funds towards our ultimate $6,000 goal and get to enjoy the Visitor Industry Charity Walk’s festivities. Walkers have to raise a minimum of $35 in order to participate in the walk. Walkers, who raise more, get more prizes. For instance:

  • Raise $50 and receive an MFBRP t-shirt (so you can proudly wear it during the walk)
  • Raise $100 and receive an MFBRP t-shirt AND mug
  • Raise $300 and receive an MFBRP t-shirt, mug, and kiwikiu plush toy.

See how much you, your co-workers, friends, family, and others can help raise for this year’s Visitor Industry Charity Walk! Please contact Laura at Laura AT for more information, to get your packets, or to donate. You must fill out your Walker Form through us in order for your donations to go to MFBRP. All funds going to the Maui Charity Walk Fund are tax deductible and the Visitor Industry Charity Walk matches these funds by up to an additional 30% more. Checks should be made out to Charity Walk and need to be received by May 1st.

We appreciate any help and participation with this event and hope we can reach our goal! 

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