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Position Title: Marine Stewardship Community Coordinator

Location: South-East Oahu- Maunalua Bay

Reports To: Executive Director

Hours: Part-time 15-19 hours a week

Supervises: Interns & Volunteers

Date: July 2013


Malama Maunalua (MM) was formed in 2005 by a group of concerned Maunalua Bay neighbors who were witnessing first-hand a serious decline in the health of Maunalua Bay. Since then, the group has grown into an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, with an experienced and involved eight-person volunteer board of directors, and a track record of accomplishments toward healing Maunalua Bay. Malama Maunalua’s focus is Maunalua Bay which stretches from Black Point to Koko Head and all the watersheds that empty into the Bay. Malama Maunalua focuses on implementing real solutions for Maunalua Bay: 1) removing invasive alien algae; 2) reducing sediment and pollution run-off and 3) increasing the fish population in the Bay. Malama Maunalua is guided by a clearly defined Conservation Action Plan that was developed with government and community partners, including the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS).

The primary function of the Marine Stewardship Community Coordinator is to coordinate and implement the project activities of Hoonui`ia, increasing fish populations, as they are developed , including coordination of the Makai Watch volunteer program.

This includes:

• work planning,

• project management,

• increased stakeholder inclusion,

• Develop relationships with DAR, DOCARE & DLNR

• coordination with related projects and activities,

• implementing elements of a Mauka-Makai Watch program,

• public relations, and fundraising.

The Marine Steward Community Coordinator –MSCC regularly provides information and shares experiences regarding the project’s progress with other MM staff and board members; community volunteers; and external partners, peers, and experts throughout the Islands as warranted. The Marine Steward Community Coordinator will report weekly to the MM Executive Director and monthly to the Makai Watch hui advisory group and quarterly the MM board of directors.


1. Project Management

MM will fill the position of Marine Stewardship Community Coordinator by hiring one part-time individual. The MSCC will work with interns and volunteers to accomplish the tasks of the project. The goals and objectives of these tasks will be worked out through development of a detailed project work plan and assignment list. This work plan and assignment list will clearly delineate the roles and responsibilities. In general; the duties shall include the following project management responsibilities on a day-to-day basis:

1. Work with Executive Director to develop, implement, and evaluate project activities that work toward MM’s mission.

2. Coordinate project activities with MM staff members, interns and volunteers, community members, partners, contractors, and others to ensure transparency and efficiency (including conducting and updating an inventory of all ongoing activities in the area related to natural and cultural resource management).

3. Build relationships and partnerships with relevant representatives from the various sectors (e.g., private companies, governments, communities, scientists, non-profit organizations, etc.) and cultures with whom Malama Maunalua is actively engaged. MSCC shall work to identify, approach, and build relationships with these groups.

4. Communicate strategically with and seek to involve a wide range of people (staff, the public, government agencies, landowners, and groups such as fishermen) who have a stake in the natural and cultural resources of Maunalua Bay. MSCC shall work to identify, approach, and build relationships with these groups.

5. Effectively convey the mission and vision of MM and Ho’onui i’a to diverse groups including landowners, community groups, agency partners, and government officials as well as be primarily responsible for acting as the spokesperson of Ho’onui i’a.

6. In cooperation with MM Program staff, and the board of directors, complete and regularly update a work plan for project activities. The Marine Steward Community Coordinator shall be primarily responsible for ensuring that the work plan is implemented on schedule.

7. Plan and implement a Makai Watch Program for the Maunalua area. Makai Watch, a statewide program of DLNR that engages community members in the protection of natural resources, will focus on Makai areas and will include, at a minimum, awareness and outreach to resource users, observation of resource users in cooperation with DOCARE to help reduce resource violations, and monitoring of the area’s biological resources and of the human use of the area’s resources. Activities will include designing an educational strategy along with the necessary materials, recruiting and organizing volunteers, and maintaining a schedule to ensure that all elements of the Makai Watch Program are carried out in a timely manner. Responsible for coordinating the activities for the element of Makai Watch that focuses on observation and voluntary compliance.

8. Facilitate and coordinate Fisher Hui Meetings. This includes working with affiliated partners to coordinate meeting, inform participating fisherman, provide updates and establish agenda, liaison with MM, and provide any relevant supporting information.

9. Work within budget to complete all project deliverables.

2. Project Support and Administration

Will be responsible for project support and administration duties as follows:

1. In cooperation with other MM staff members, help to raise the necessary funds to implement the project activities.

2. Report to donors, partners, and other interested parties regarding MM’s projects and activities.

3. Purchase and maintain equipment and supplies as provided for in the budget.

4. Miscellaneous administrative duties such as preparing expense reports, attending meetings, completing timesheets, writing reports, and carrying out other related logistics as needed.


1. Internal

Interacts regularly with project staff—to ensure organized and efficient coordination and implementation of project activities.Interacts regularly with Malama Maunalua Program staff, including reporting at least weekly to the Executive Director.

2. External

Interacts regularly with the Hui and Makai Watch advisory group, partners (including other conservation and development organizations, government agencies, and community groups), and peers to coordinate project activities and provide and obtain relevant information.


1. Knowledge

Extensive knowledge of East Oahu communities and Hawaii’s cultures is required, as is a demonstrated passion for the natural and cultural resources of Maunalua Bay—particularly the 10 Ahupua`a from Black Point to Koko Head. An associates or college degree in environmental science, natural resources management, public policy, the social sciences, community development, or a related field is preferred.

2. Experience

At least two years of related work experience is required and should include community organizing, collaborating with community groups and government partners, and project coordination and implementation. Previous experience in work related to Hawaii’s marine ecosystems is preferred.

3. Skills and Abilities

Successful experience in coordinating projects with multiple partners and activities must be demonstrated. Individual and team time-management skills under conditions of limited supervision are required, as well as a demonstrated orientation toward timely and transparent programmatic accountability. The demonstrated ability to work effectively and constructively with local communities, fishers, and other user groups is required. Tolerance for field work under difficult and uncertain conditions is necessary. Exemplary oral and written communication and organizational skills also are essential. Competent computer skills, including word-processing and database programs, is necessary. Past fiscal responsibility should be demonstrated, and successful grant proposal writing is preferred. Knowledge of current trends and strategies in land and sea conservation management and protection in Hawaii is preferred.

4. Language

Fluency in English required. Familiarity with Hawaiian is desirable.


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