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Join the Wheels for Wildlife Ground Transportation Team

The Hawai’i Wildlife Center (HWC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of protecting, conserving, and aiding in the recovery of Hawai’i’s native wildlife through hands-on treatment, research, training, science education and cultural programs

Currently, HWC is seeking volunteers interested in assisting with wildlife transportation by joining our volunteer ground transport team on O’ahu, Hawaiʻi, & Maui Nui. Volunteers will be transporting native birds and bats. 

Volunteers will be contacted by the HWC Wildlife Department to see if they are available, and if so, to arrange transport for injured, sick, orphaned, or oiled wildlife. Volunteer selection will be based on the location of the bird and availability of the volunteer. The majority of transport trips are picking up/dropping off patients at the airport or with our veterinary partners. The bird will be already prepped for transport upon pickup. In some rare cases, we may ask our Wheels for Wildlife volunteers to help with rescues and releases. With rescues the volunteer may need to provide a box or a kennel and prep the bird for transport to the HWC or one of our veterinary partners. Volunteers interested in rescues will need training and certification with HWC.

Be a part of the Hawaii Wildlife Center team and help us in caring for native Hawaiian wildlife and bringing awareness to the value of our Hawaiian species and the conservation challenges that they face.

To sign up or to receive more information go to our website:

*HWC is exempt from the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order due to our services providing for the lives of animals*

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