Become part of Hawaii’s conservation story

This is an Adopt-A-Park partnership with the Pūpūkea-Paumalū State Park Reserve on O‘ahu’s North Shore.

Each trip focuses on surveying trails for devil weed (Chromolaena odorata) and pulling it out when we find it to prevent its further spread. Devil weed is listed as one of the 100 World’s Worst invasive species. It’s a severe agricultural pest, invasive crop, and ranch lands and it’s toxic to livestock. It smothers forest edges and native vegetation. Its high oil content in leaves, combined with its dry stems and dry habitat makes it a fire hazard. These trail surveys will remove plants before they mature, preventing hitchhiking seeds from being spread via hikers and bikers.

Volunteers will be hand-pulling plants and hiking along easy-to-moderate trails. Expect exposure to sun, heat, rain and mud, mosquitoes, and some steep areas of the trail. Volunteers should be physically fit and able to hike up to 4 hours at a moderate pace.



Space is limited and the link will close when the trip is full. Once signed up you’ll receive a confirmation email with details. If you have questions, please contact OISC at or call/text 808-286-4616.

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